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Living in the modern world brings us all sorts of wonderful and useful new means to further our Christian growth. The world wide web can be one such tool, but can also bring us distasteful, decadent, sinful material much too easily. So how do you know how to find the things you need? It is a world wide web, some call it a community of the world, but sometimes that just makes it more difficult to sort the useful from the trash.

Still, it's important, as Christians, to use whatever tools are at our disposal to increase our spiritual growth. The web is a repository for so much knowledge just waiting to be found and learned. Almost any question can be answered in just a few minutes. The web is filled with Christian material. To help you use the web to your best advantage, in our section called You And The Web we've brought together web tricks and secrets for using, searching, and getting the most out of the web as possible.

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