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  Advice For Christians In Business And The WorkplaceWednesday, May 29th, 2024  

Living as a Christian in today's society can be a challenge. Retaining your Christian identity in the workplace can be even more of a challenge. Too many Christians leave their faith behind as they don their business suit and head out the door each morning. For most adults today, at least one third of their life is spent working out side the home If  "Christian" is who a person is and not just who he says he is, than this should not be.

Surf In The Spirit wants to help you integrate your faith into the workplace. Whether you are a CEO, a managerial worker, or a laborer, your faith is you and should not be forgotten simply because you must work.

In this section, we've gathered business and work resources, articles, inspirational meditations, and information to help you both increase your awareness of our Lord and Savior in your life, and reflect His presence in your dealings with others in your workplace. Business owner, or employee, or even if you are just considering starting a business or home business, we have items of interest, resources, and tools for you.

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